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Jul. 29th, 2010

homo say what?
Hello Live Journal!! How I have forgotten all about you here. Facebook has basically sucked me in. So how ya'll all been.. Now that I was reminded. I'll be catching up with journals and events this week..

So how ya'll been.

Why hast I forsaken thou!

nasty nurses
Ah dearest LJ land... I have not forsaken you completely.. I diligently and faithfully check my friends page everyday, and keep up with all the goings on. But alas, I seem to spend all of my time on the accursed facebook, as it is soo easy to update on the go, and doesn't require me to type as much. But I feel the need to update here, so I shall.

First off, if anyone on here is on facebook, and are not on my friends list there, and wish to follow the craziness of the naughty redneck nurse.... I am John Castleman over yonder. We'd be glad to have you drop in and sit a spell.. (especially if you play mafia war's. hehe)

Well, my lands the changes that have been in my life as of late. So many I don't know where to begin. First off I have changed jobs. I am no longer full time in the hospital. I am still working the ICU on a per diem basis.

I had the fortune of having the cushiest job ever drop into my lap. I am working for a Hospice doing on call in the evenings. So basically I'm on-call after regular office hours for 7 days straight. and I'm off completely the next week. Yeah, I know sweet gig, and I got a fat raise to do it. And I make extra if I get more than two calls a night. So yeah, all the nurses on here, go ahead and hate me. (I just know it's being jealous) ;)

My first month on the job was a joke... I didn't do any meaningful work.. Now this week, when I have started the on call by myself, has been busy. Gotta love full moons. But I am far less tired than when I was working at the hospital. And according to Tom, a whole lot less bitchy. I guess that's good. I know I am happier.

Home wise, things are good. Tom and I always seem to be on the go a lot. He leaves Saturday for Munich for a tradeshow next week, then the week after that he will be in Nice, France, for another trade show.. (lucky bitch.. at least he has to work, and can't enjoy the french rivera in the summer up right... and yes that is just pure jealousy.) I wish I could join him, but I can't take off any time for 90 days with the new job. So I signed up for some over time. Money is always good. Especially with my love for shopping.

Health wise... I am doing so much better. Anyone who has been around me in the last few years knows 90 year old kyphotic woman with a rolling walker was faster than I was. Well, I now know it was due to psoriatric arthritis. Similar to rheumatoid arthritis, in the fact it's treatment and just as crippling but caused by psoriasis. I've been on some really nasty meds to get under control, and now have progressed nicely to get down to the regular less nasty things. All I can say is thank god for insurance, but one of the meds is $2k a month. Which I think is crazy for a medicine I take only once a week. And the republicans say health care doesn't need fixing.

Otherwise... Well, nothing else to really say, except hi boy's and girl.. and bye for now.. stay tuned to this channel, and I promise to keep the updates a little more regular.

OH, p.s. I got a new shirt in, from the friends at betty bowers/ sites, that has one of the psalms on it. and I shall leave you with it.. (ps I can't wait to wear it)

Psalms 137:9 Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.

I also like this translation of it. "Blessed is the one who grabs your little children and smashes them against a rock."

For Nurses Week.

Nurse Ratchet
With These Hands

With these hands I have touched the lives of many.
I touch the sick, the wounded, the sad and sorrowful, the fearful and angry.
I touch the newly diagnosed, the acute, and the chronically ill.
I touch the recovered. I touch the bereaved.
I touch the lives of patients, family, friends, colleagues, and co-worders.
I give hope.

With these hands, I communicate care.
I soothe my patient who is in pain.
I reassure the anxious that I am close by.
I encourage the weak to take a first step.
I protect the vulnerable from danger.
I give courage.

With these hands, I serve to meet human needs of the body, mind and spirit.
I wash his back and his face. I help him to brush his teeth.
I apply cream to refresh dry feet and hands.
I give a slight squeeze to her shoulder and hold her hand for a moment.
I set down trays, pick up linens, rearrange pillows, turn down beds, and pull up blankets.
I give comfort.

With these hands, I nurse the sick.
I administer the medications, place the IV, hang the fluids and reset the pump.
I was and dress and bandage the wounds, and then I acknowledge the emotional wounds.
I take a temperature, a blood pressure, a measurement, each with my hands.
I empty a bedpan, clean a patient and restore his or her dignity.
I give respect.

With these hands, I give of myself in ways intentional and not.
My spirit reaches out to another spirit with a welcoming handshake.
My generosity of touch is absorbed by my patient's need, and I fell the richer for it.
My strength stabilizes his or her frailty, and touching frailty replenishes my gratitude for strength.
I affirm our humanity.

I do all the things and more -- with my hands.
My hands are the vessel of my spirit as I help people in need,
... in need of health, kindness, comfort, and respect.

With these hands, I offer healing.

OH I did something stupid.

eat it
I bought a WHOLE QUART of Cold Stone Cake Batter Ice Cream!! I'll just have to stay out of the kitchen for a while, as it keeps calling to me from the freezer... *NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM*

6 years and 1 min.

nasty nurses

The honeymoon isn't over yet!! just keeps getting better

Happy Anniversary Love. 6 down 60 more to go.

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Having a blast in Cali

nasty nurses

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Tom has a secret

nasty nurses

He purchased the great sham wow. I think he has a man crush on Vince.

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Finally fixed

nasty nurses

They finally fixed the bug in the Lj app so now it sees I'm a paid member

At work today and I am rather crabby. So tired of the cold and the snow.

In other news we are going in vacation to northern calif. For my birthday. And we got a ps3. Consumer whores we are yes.

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Tonights Menu

homo say what?
A nice prime rib roast with a balsamic and Chianti glaze. roasted root veggies tossed in sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and rosemary. A tossed fresh green salad with goat cheese crumbles and tossed with a garlic balsamic vinaigrette (homemade), and finished with homemade brownies, and vanilla ice cream.

Been a while since I did things up nice. Invited Tom's mom and stepdad over for dinner. Should be a good time, if all goes well with the cooking.

Best wishes

nasty nurses

Happy New Year

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nasty nurses
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